* denotes a change of speaker


16/10/2019  Devon Malcolm: England, Derbyshire, Northants and Leicestershire
20/11/2019  Tanya Aldred: Cricket writer from the Guardian
18/12/2019  Jack Birkenshaw, MBE:  England, Yorkshire, Leicestershire, Worcestershire and Test umpire
15/01/2020  John Holder: Hampshire and Test umpire
19/02/2020  Richard Ellison: England and Kent
20/03/2020  Charles Dagnall: Cumberland, Warwickshire, Leicestershire and Sky Sports commentator


17/10/2018  Alan Butcher, Surrey CCC, Glamorgan CCC and England
14/11/2018  Presentation by Manchester University Film Archive
19/12/2018  Ronnie Irani, Lancashire CCC, Essex CCC and England
16/01/2019  Richard Tomlinson, author of "Amazing Grace: The Man who was WG'
20/02/2019  Chris Lewis, Leicestershire CCC, Nottinghamshire CCC, Surrey CCC and England
22/03/2019  Annual Dinner, Phillip DeFreitas, Leicestershire CCC, Lancashire CCC, Derbyshire CCC and England


18/10/2017  Geoff Cope, Yorkshire CCC and England
15/11/2017  Farokh Engineer*, Lancashire CCC and India
20/12/2017  Tatenda Taibu, Zimbabwe
17/01/2018  Mick Newell, Nottingham CCC and England Selector
14/01/2018. Steve Garratt, First-class umpire
16/03/2018   Annual Dinner, Derek Randall, Nottingham CCC and England


19/10/2016   Steve Dolman, Derbyshire cricket fan, blogger, author
16/11/2016   Glen Chapple, Lancashire CCC
14/12/2016   Chris Watts, ECB Anit-Corruption
18/01/2017   Warren Hegg*, Lancashire CCC
15/02/2017   Stephen Chalke, author
31/03/2017   Annual Dinner guest speaker John Abrahams*, Lancashire CCC 


14/10/2015   Paul Horton, Lancashire CCC
18/11/2015   David Millns*, Leicestershire CCC and Nottinghamshire CCC
16/12/2015   David Smith, Former CEO Northampton CCC and Leicestershire CCC
20/01/2016   David Steele, England
10/02/2016   Daniel Gidney, CEO Lancashire CCC
18/03/2016   Annual Dinner guest speaker David Fulton


15/10/2014   Richard Blakey: Yorkshire and England
19/11/2014   John Stanworth*: Academy Director - Lancashire CCC
17/12/2014   Gareth Cross*: Lancashire CCC
14/01/2015   Isabelle Duncan: Cricketer, coach and author of Skirting the Boundary
18/02/2015   Tom Smith*: Lancashire CCC
27/03/2015   Annual Dinner - 50th anniversary guests: John Abrahams, Jim Cumbes, John Holder, Jack Simmons, Roger Tattersall, Darrin White, Barry Wood 


16/10/2013   Christopher and Peter Pyemont: "The History of the Ashes"
20/11/2013   Trevor Jesty: Hampshire, Surrey, Lancashire CCCs and Umpire
18/12/2013   Kyle Hogg: Lancashire CCC
15/01/2014   Darren Bicknell: Nottinghamshire, Surrey CCCs and Director of Belvoir Castle Cricket Trust
19/02/2014   Tony Borrington*: Derbyshire CCC
20/03/2014   Annual Dinner guest speaker, Angus Fraser: Middlesex CCC and England


17/10/2012   Steve O'Shaughnessy: Umpire and formerly of Lancashire, Worcestershire, and Cumberland
14/11/2012   Paul Franks*: Nottinghamshire
19/12/2012   Geoff Wellsteed: co-author of 'Inns and Out' with Anthony Collis
16/01/2013   Charlie French: Bat maker
20/02/2013   Jim Love: 'Chance to Shine' and formerly of Yorkshire, Minor Counties and Scotland
20/03/2013   Alistair Hignell CBE: Gloucestershire and England Rugby Union International
05/04/2013   Annual Dinner guest speaker Jeremy Coney MBE: Commentator and former New Zealand international


19/10/2011   Murray Hedgcock: Council of Cricket Societies
16/11/2011   Pat Murphy: Cricket and Sports Reporter for BBC Radio 5 live
12/12/2011   Peter Moores: Head Coach Lancahire CCC
18/01/2012   Clare Connor: former captain of England Women's Cricket Team and Chair of the ICC Women's Committee
15/02/2012   Cally Barlow: widow of Eddie Barlow, South African cricket all rounder
09/03/2011   Annual Dinner guest speaker Henry Olonga: Zimbabwe (Official Website)


20/10/2010   Martin Bodenham: First Class Umpire and former FA referee
17/11/2010   Grahame Lloyd: Sports Writer
15/12/2010   Derek Brewer: Chief Executive Nottinghamshire CCC
19/01/2011   John Morris: Head of Cricket, Derbyshire CCC
16/02/2011   Bob Dearden: Lancashire Cricket League
16/03/2011   Ray East: Essex CCC
08/04/2011   Annual Dinner guest speaker Dennis Amiss: Warwickshire CCC and England


14/10/2009   Roger Knight: President of Surrey CCC
18/11/2009   Michael Braham: History of Southport and Birkdale CC
16/12/2009   Richard Kettleborough: Middlesex, Yorkshire and Umpire
20/01/2010   Geoff Cook: Director of Cricket, Durham CCC
17/02/2010   Steve Elworthy: Lancashire CCC and South Africa
17/03/2010   Rev Mike Vockins: former Chief Executive, Worcester CCC
09/04/2010   Annual Dinner guest speaker Peter Bowler: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Somerset and Tasmania


15/10/2008   Nigel Stockill: England Team Physiologist
19/11/2008   Alan Oakman: Sussex CCC and England
17/12/2008   Kevin Sharp: Yorkshire CCC
14/01/2009   Chris Mallaband: BBC Local Radio Cricket Correspondent
18/02/2009   Paul Edwards: Local sports journalist
18/03/2009   Tom Moffatt: Past President Durham CCC
09/04/2009   Annual Dinner guest speaker Graham Lloyd: Lancashire CCC and England


17/10/2007   David Rayvern Allen: Author
14/11/2007   Tony Cottey: Glamorgan and Sussex CCC
19/12/2007   Henry Olonga: Zimbabwe (Official Website)
16/01/2008   Mark Chilton: Lancashire CCC
20/02/2008   Jim Parks: Sussex CCC and England
19/03/2008   Tim Heald: Author and Journalist
11/04/2008   Annual Dinner: John Barclay: Sussex CCC


18/10/2006  Stephen Chalke: Author
15/11/2006  Chris Westcott: Author of "Class of '59"'"
13/12/2006  Peter Marron: Head Groundsman, Lancashire CCC
17/01/2007  Rev. Canon Alan Haydock: Committee Member, Nottingham CCC
21/02/2007  Luke Sutton: Somerset CCC, Derbyshire CCC and Lancashire CCC
21/03/2007  Vanburn Holder: West Indies, Barbados, Orange Free State, Worcestershire
13/04/2007  Annual Dinner: David Shepherd: Test Umpire and Gloucestershire CCC


19/10/2005   Alan Hill: Derbyshire CCC, Orange Free State and Umpire
16/11/2005   Basher Hassan: Nottinghamshire CCC, East Africa
14/12/2005   Lance Pierson: Cricket Entertainer
18/01/2006   Gary Yates: Lancashire CCC
20/02/2006   Dougie Brown: England and Warwickshire CCC
15/03/2006   Allan Stuttard: Central Lancashire Cricket League
07/04/2006   Annual Dinner: Robin Smith: England, Hampshire CCC, Natal


20/10/2004   Mike Hendrick: Derbyshire CCC, Nottinghamshire CCC and England
17/11/2004   Leo McKinstry: Author "Boycs: The True Story"
15/12/2004   Colin Evans: Manchester Evening News
16/02/2005   Gill McConway: Exec. Director Women's Cricket
16/03/2005   Jason Ratcliffe: Warwickshire CCC, Surrey CCC, Director of Player Services for the PCA
22/04/2005   Annual Dinner: Derek Underwood: England and Kent CCC